The Melanie Necklace

Pink & Rowe

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The Melanie Necklace

This sixteen-inch faux pearl necklace is made of Swarovski faux glass pearls and smaller crystal spacers for an added touch of sparkle. Comes in sixteen and twenty inch in lengths, this necklace has a lustrous sheen that is like no other faux pearl.  The pearls are individually hand-knotted to safeguard the pearls should the strand become broken.  Made with 100% silk, these pearls are durable and exquisitely beautiful.  The strand of pearls are finished with a sparkling, pave magnetic clasp for easy securing.


  • 20” inches in length
  • Illustrious Swarovski glass pearls
  • Each pearl is encased with crystal spacers for an added touch of sparkle
  • Threaded and knotted with 100% silk thread
  • Hand knotted to protect each individual pearl from chaffing
  • Hand knotted to prevent loss of pearls and rhinestones
  • Stunning crystal pave magnetic clasp for securing ease
  • The best quality of handmade jewelry made in the USA

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