The Princess Jacqueline Necklace

Pink & Rowe

$ 45.00


Product Details

Similar to The Brittany Necklace, but with 6mm pearls for a more dainty appearance.  The sixteen-inch faux pearl necklace is made from Swarovski faux glass pearls. Maybe it's for that special young princess in your life or when you want a more delicate look. Approximately sixteen inches in length, this necklace has a lustrous sheen that is like no other faux pearl.  The pearls are individually hand-knotted to safeguard the pearls should the strand become broken.  Made with 100% silk, these pearls are durable and exquisitely beautiful.  The strand of pearls are finished with a sparkling, pave magnetic clasp for easy securing.

  • Approximate length is 16 Inches
  • 6 mm pearls                                                                                           
  • 100% silk thread
  • Each pearl is individually hand-knotted
  • Magnetic pave clasp 
  • The highest quality of Swarovski crystal glass pearls
  • High luster provides for the most beautiful shimmer of pearls
  • Handmade in the USA

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