About Pink & Rowe


Hello and welcome to Pink & Rowe.

I created Pink & Rowe with a vision in mind.  To provide a line of products that is timeless and made of the finest quality materials without breaking the bank.  Manufacturing in the United States was at the top of the list of desires.  I wanted to give back to my community by eventually providing more jobs and fulfill philanthropic endeavors through my business.  

All our materials are sourced through businesses within the United States.  All our pearls are made of Swarovski glass pearls.  The finest quality of faux pearls there is.  Swarovski elements provide a quality of luster not found in any other glass pearls.  

All our products are made by myself.  Some of my jewelry is even named after my children.  Keeping the personal touch in every product is a priority.  Every piece has a story and I've added the details in each of the products offered.  So,  I take great pride in the creation of all my jewelry.  Each handmade piece is guaranteed with a full one-year warranty. 

Each piece of jewelry made is a precious heirloom that will last forever.  We do realize that sometimes accidents happen or an occasional adjustment is needed.  We will happily make necessary repairs as needed.  Please contact us for more information.

Susanne Quirk